E-Jury Service
Montgomery County, Texas

Barbara Adamick
District Clerk

*** E-Jury Empanelment Website for use by County and District Court Jurors only***

All the information you provide is strictly confidential and may be disclosed only to the Judge, court personnel, the attorneys, plaintiffs and defendants in the case you are assigned to.

After completing and submitting this form, we will review and respond to you immediately.

Your Responsibilities

1. You must read each question thoroughly before answering. You must take an oath to affirm the truth of your responses once you arrive in court.

2. You should check your email regularly after submitting the form. You may receive a confirmation from our webserver which will be useful in the event you need to make a correction. Most jurors who do not receive a confirmation email have an ISP which is blocking email from webservers (this is fairly common).

3. Once you receive a court assignment, please read it carefully. YOU MUST FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR COURT ASSIGNMENT AND CALL OR REPORT TO THE COURTHOUSE WHEN SCHEDULED. Continue to check your email daily for any updates.

4. The deadline for E-jury registration will be midnight on the Saturday prior to your summons date. If you report via the internet and have been given a court date and time, DO NOT report to the Jury Assembly Room. Report directly to the court as instructed in your trial assignment.
*** You will not be permitted to log on after the deadline and must follow the calling/reporting instructions noted on the jury summons.***

5. Sometimes technical problems arise between different email systems. If the court assignment you receive is blank, reply to that email with the following message "MY ASSIGNMENT IS BLANK."

6. If you have any questions at all during this process, please call us at (936) 760-6952.

7. Thank you for using E-Jury. We are among the first in the country to use this process of jury impaneling. Working together we can make it a success!

I understand and agree to my responsibilities as a jury member and wish to continue with E-Jury Online Impaneling.

 If you click on "I Agree", you will be given the chance to:
Re-Schedule yourself to another Summons Date or Exempt / Disqualify yourself from jury duty.


Barbara Adamick, District Clerk
Montgomery County Courthouse
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