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FEMA Floodplain Maps (DFIRM)
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Floodplain Mapping
Presented by the Montgomery County IT Services GIS and Engineering Department


Montgomery County Floodplain Management Regulations


As part of their national map modernization program, the Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA) has issued the final Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Montgomery County.   



FEMA - Revalidation Letters of Map Change for Montgomery County
(Revised 1/23/2015)


Final Floodplain Maps

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 48339C0025G  483390050G
 48339C0075G  483390100G
 48339C0125G  483390150G
 48339C0175G  483390200G
 48339C0225G  483390240G
 48339C0250G  483390275G
 48339C0300G  483390325G
 48339C0350G  483390360G
 48339C0370G  483390375G
 48339C0380G  483390385G
 48339C0390G  483390395G
 48339C0425G  483390450G
 48339C0475G  483390480G
 48339C0485G  483390490G
 48339C0495G  483390505G
 483390510G 483390515G  
 483390520G 483390530G  
 483390535G 483390540H  
 483390545G 483390575G  
 483390600G 483390625G  
 483390650G 483390675G  
 483390680G 483390685G  
 483390725G 483390750H    


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