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County Court at Law 5

210 West Davis, Suite 250 Conroe, Texas  77301

Phone: 936-538-3615  Fax: 936-538-3617 

Judge Keith Stewart, Presiding 

Docket Control Order
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Jury Trial Schedule 
Monday, August 1st:

1. State vs Castillo-Morales
2. State vs Ayala-Rosa
3. State vs Crawford
4. State vs Gundeti
5. State vs Heim

Monday, August 8th:

1. State vs Rocha
2. State vs Olexa
3. State vs Salgado
4. State vs Lucado
5. State vs Lucas


Welcome to County Court at Law 5. Judge Stewart is dedicated to handling cases efficiently and fairly. Dockets start promptly at 9:00 am or 1:30 pm.  (Jury Trial-Docket Call begins at 8:30am)  If you have a case set in CCL5, please be seated prior to the docket being called at the time indicated on your notice.  In criminal cases your bond may be set aside if you do not appear or you are late to court, without good cause; in civil cases your case may be passed or Dismissed for Want of Prosecution.   Judge Stewart has the following requirements of all parties appearing in court (including family member, guests and attorneys):


→ No alcohol or drug use while on bond

No shorts

No un-tucked or inappropriate shirts

No gum, drinks or food allowed (exception for Jury Trials

    and/or similar court proceedings)


Judge Keith Stewart


County Court at Law 5 Court Personnel

Court Coordinator

 Barbara Nichols


Assistant Court Coordinator

Tina Solomon


Court Reporter

 Cherie Reegs



 Deputy Rodney Vanhowtwen


 County Clerk Personnel Assigned to County Court at Law 5   

Criminal Court Clerk




District Attorney Personnel Assigned to County Court at Law 5

Court Chief

Echo Coleman



Phillip Harris



Wesley Lerouax


Legal Assistant

Debbie Piazza


Adult Probation Assigned to County Court at Law 5

Court Liason Officer

Candice Gatewood





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