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284th District Court

301 North Main, Suite 201

Conroe, Texas 77301

Phone: 936-539-7861  Fax: 936-538-3572

 Judge Cara Wood

 Please call or email the court to set a case on the ancillary or submission calendar. Do not send a notice of hearing without confirmation from the court.


Effective September 1, 2016 - Appointments and Fees Reporting
for attorneys ad litem, guardians ad litem, mediators & competency evaluators
For payment, please complete and e-file the appropriate 284th District Court form: 

Order Approving Appointment Fees - Civil  
Order Approving Appointment Fees - Tax

for more information visit the Texas Judicial Branch website at

 Appointment and Fee Reporting

 284th District Court Personnel  

 Court Administrator  

Amanda Whittington

(936) 539-7861

Court Coordinator

Lindsey Karm

(936) 539-7861

Asst. Coordinator/

Tax Coordinator

Laurie Watson

(936) 539-7861

Briefing Attorney

Ray Johnson

(936) 539-7861

 Official Court Reporter

 Kenneth C. Cramer

 (936) 539-7861

Jury Shepherd 

Meredith Dunaway 

 (936) 539-7861

Deputy Bailiff 

Charlie Thompson 

 (936) 539-7861

Probation Liaison Officer 

Gwendalyn Hernandez 

 (936) 5380-8230



District Clerk Personnel Assigned to the 284th 

 Court Clerk  

Tracy Skinner

(936) 539-7855

Asst. Court Clerk Kristan Tiller

(936) 539-7855





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